"I was born a small town girl from Bremond, Texas who turned big city goals and ambitions into the dream lifestyle I live today. I believe I was put on this Earth by my savior Jesus Christ to love my unicorn husband with all my heart, as true love is a special blessing from God. I have a passion for fashion, design, fitness, community and exploration while also believing in full circle good karma. I strive to sparkle and shine in all tasks I undertake and enjoy celebrating all of life's victories - no matter how big or small they may be. It is my ultimate goal to empower and encourage each and every one of you through my transparent lifestyle blog. The world needs more light and positivity amongst the unfortunate weight of its brokenness, therefore, I truly hope you enjoy the shimmer that I have to share."


Just Why am I so into this Unicorn thing?

By randa | April 12, 2017

I figured a few of you may wonder just why I’m so obsessed with Unicorns and why I call Grant my Unicorn and why the Unicorn has such a meaning in our relationship.   So, I’m gonna give you the run down… When Grant and I first started dating, there would be multiple days in […]

The Husband Friendly 2 Piece Set

By randa | April 14, 2017

So I’ll be honest I absolutely loved this 2 piece set on a hanger. The color, the feel, the long slit sleeves had me hooked. I feel if I had to describe my favorite color to wear in only one word, it would easily be pink. But the older I get, the lighter and more […]

How to Choose Your Bridesmaids {& Bridal Party}

By randa | March 25, 2017

Hello all! I am sooo excited to share this blog post in hopes that I help OR touch many other bride-to-be’s and maybe even some other women who may simply be struggling in the girlfriend department.   Whether you’re single, already married, or engaged and planning a wedding, who you choose as you bridal party or even […]